Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

Timber Fence & Decks Cleaning in Gold Coast

Fences and decks look great when they are new but slowly, they trap dirt and algae right before your very eyes. Problem is, it happens so slowly that you only realise how the look has changed when you see a photo from a year ago (or even 2 years). Timber fences and timber decks need caring for in their own special way.

Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning can do that for you. We are experienced, licensed, insured, and most importantly, we’re well aware of the ever changing climatic conditions here on the Gold Coast and what products and cleaning techniques to use when pressure washing your timber decks and fences. We will provide the highest quality service and all at the most affordable prices to satisfy and meet your budget.

Our deck and fence pressure washing services throughout the Gold Coast regions offer the perfect way to safely brighten, clean, and totally renew your outdoor structures. Your timber decks and fences subjected to almost every environmental pollution, grime, algae, mildew, mould, and grease imaginable and pressure washing is really the only answer to remedy those potential decay causing growths.

And the additional benefit to pressure washing your timber fences and decks?

A professional pressure washing can go a long way to protecting wooden structures against further damage such as the ever-present splintering, weather warping, subsequent splits and cracking, together with the inevitable greying effects.

Apart from timber fence and deck cleaning, we also offer house washing, roof washing and guttering, and driveway cleaning in Gold Coast.